Our sister company WavsGB, which offers wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale or hire continues to go from strength to strength. Their knowledgeable, friendly approach is key in helping those looking for wheelchair accessible vehicles feel at ease when choosing the car - in what for many is a life changing moment.

The discrete and approachable service has been key for many customers who come to the showroom (on the other side of the building form us here at VansGB), many customers spending a while to choose the right car, takes test drive and just ask for some good honest advice.

Did you know that Ivor and the team at WavsGB can also take cars to demonstrate at their own address? ANYWHERE IN THE UK! There is no obligation and it's totally free.

Just browse the WavsGB website and choose a car that meets your needs (or ask for advice on what is best for your circumstance), click the 'Book Home demo' button and send us a request.

No matter where you are in the UK - we can bring the car to you...

Click here for more info about the Home demonstration service

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