Our van hire is among the most popular in Bath, and if you ask any of our regular customers why they'd recommend us, although you'd probably get lots of different answers, we've not doubt one of the top reasons would be location.

However as you may have noticed.. we're not quite in Bath.

Our location is the perfect spot for van hire for lots of reasons...

1: Easy to get to.

Our location on the outskirts of Bath means we're as easy to get to for someone in Keynsham or Midsomer Norton as we are for someone in the centre of Bath. If VansGB was located in Bath would mean our customers having to fight through the usual traffic to get to us. Our location in Marksbury, usually has free flowing traffic and is only 15 minutes from Bath centre.

2: FREE & Secure Parking

Our out of town location means we have an abundance of space, perfect for keeping our van fleet but plenty for our customers too! We have a dedicated area just for customer parking, and not just parking but SECURE parking. You can hire a van from us and not have to worry about getting dropped off and picked up again or where to leave your car. You can park your car in our SECURE car park for FREE for the duration of your hire, no cost and no fighting for spaces.

3: Availability & Choice

Many of our competitors located in Bath just can't keep all their vans in stock - simply because of the lack of space available to them. Real estate is at a premium and they have just enough room for an office and a parking area just large enough to keep only the vehicles that they know are booked for the day ahead. This means they find hiring to walk-in customers or last minute bookings difficult to handle as they often don't have the vans available on site. We keep ALL our vehicles on site, we don't have a separate depot, unless a van or minibus is out on hire - it'll be here, ready to go at a moments notice! (Obviously we recommend booking in advance to guarantee availability though!)

4: 24/7 Drop off

VansGB is open for more hours than the average big-name hire company, we're open all over the weekend and on bank Holidays too! However, if you can't get the van back to us in time during our standard opening hours - we've got a secure drop off area.

5: Petrol station on site

Those that have been to VansGB know that we're part of a small business park in Marksbury and we're lucky enough to have a garage onsite. Like many hire companies we operate a full-to-full policy. Pick up the van with the petrol tank full and return it with the petrol tank full. Easy.
What's not easy is trying to fill up in the middle of Bath (there aren't as many petrol stations as there used to be) and then navigate through the traffic, back to the hire dept - hoping the needle doesn't drop below the full mark in the process! At VansGB there is no such problem just fill up at the Esso petrol station then drive about 10 meters back to VansGB.. but do you know what else is better about VansGB.. if you do return the van without fueling up - we DON'T punish you with a fuel surcharge. we'll just fill up at the Esso and charge you the cost, no admin fee.. nothing extra.

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