Ever tried to hire a van at weekends or on bank holidays?

It's usually pretty tricky and you almost always end up paying more! Most places open on Saturday for collection or return, but what if you only want to hire the van for a single day starting on Saturday to return on Sunday?

More often then not you don't have that option... you either have to pay for two days and return it on Monday, and if it's a bank holiday weekend, pay for three days and return it Tuesday, or return it the same day on Saturday - which means you don't get your full days hire! Pretty unfair all round.

sunday van hire in Bath

Cheapest weekend van hire in Bath

Why pay for two days van hire when you only need it for one!

At VansGB we've always offered Sunday van hire, not only for people dropping off vans but also for people who wish to hire them too! If you need to hire a van on a Sunday just give us a call or book online now. We're open Sundays mornings to collect or drop off and there is no extra or hidden charges - just the usual great service and value your used to from VansGB.

VansGB offers true 7 day van hire. We've always thought it was unfair to force people to pay extra for hiring vans at the weekend or on Bank Holidays and now you don't have to!

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