Almost certainly, but you'll need to call us as soon as you are aware you'll need the van longer!

In most cases we are able and happy to do this, we'll adjust your payments accordingly which we'll settle up with you when you return the vehicle. (Don't forget this may affect excess waiver payments too!)

Very rarely we may have to refuse*, in which case we'd ask that the van is returned at the agreed time.

*We would only refuse if we need the vehicle back for another customer and no other vehicles are available.

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Great news, the minimum age to hire a van from VansGB is only 21 - the maximum is 70!

A few points to consider:

  • If you are 25 or under, you must have held your driving licence for at least two years, if you're over 25 then you must have held a full driving licence for a minimum period of 12 months.
  • 21 – 25 year olds will be subject to specific insurance terms and must have held a Full licence for at least two years.
  • Drivers must be over 25 to hire Minibuses and 7.5t vehicles and will also require the correct driving licence entitlement.

Please contact us if you need further help.

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The licence sharing code from the DVLA is required by us so that we can check your licence for any endorsements.

Getting one is easy and can be done online in a few minutes. View our 'how to' guide here...

If you still have problems, then we can help you generate your code when you pick up your vehicle. In order for us to do this you must bring your national insurance number, and allow a few extra minutes to generate the code and for us to perform our checks.

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For all previous purchases, warranty claims, finance agreements or any other query please contact us here

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Our sister company WAVSGB are specialists in wheelchair adapted vehilces.
Visit their website here

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Hiring a minibus is almost the same as hiring a van or car but there are two small but important differences.

If you can answer yes to the below questions then you can hire a minibus from us. If you are not sure please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

1: Are you 25 or over?
For insurance purposes Minibus drivers must be 25 or over at teh time of hire.

2: Do you have a D1 entitlement on your driving licence?
In order to drive a passenger vehicle with 12 or more seats you must have the D1 entitlement marked on your driving licence
If you are hiring a minibus with fewer than 12 seats then you DO NOT need the D1

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You've come to the right place... Hiring vans is our speciality!
Click here to go to our van hire page

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If you've not hired or driven a van before, then it can be a bit daunting.
Take a look at our van hire guide, it will help you select the right size van for the most common uses, or give us a call on 01225 481207, we're here to help and we're expert at advising on the right size van!

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Generally as long as the item is not above the vehicle weight limit and it fits in the back then you can carry it... however there are a couple of exceptions!

We cannot allow you to transport fruit machines or any other type of gambling machine.

If you are in any doubt call us before you hire.

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In order to hire a vehicle, you must provide us with:

1: Your driving licence
2: Your national Insurance number or a driving licence share code
3: An additional forms of ID.
(must be either utility bill, bank statement or passport)

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When you hire a vehicle from VansGB we need to check your driving licence for any additional information and endorsements, as the paper counterpart part of your licence was abolished in 2015, the information is now kept online and can only be accessed with your permission.

In order for us to access this information you must give us a share code from the DVLA.
Getting one is easy - find out more here

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The excess is the amount you have to pay us if the vehicle is damaged or stolen.

The excess waiver insurance is an option that if paid, protects you against having to pay the excess charge if there is an incident.

Let's say you hire a van and are involved in a minor accident.

Without Excess waiver insurance - you would have to pay £750* when you return the vehicle.

With Excess waiver insurance - you would have to pay just £150* when you return the vehicle.

Excess waiver insurance is optional, but you must think carefully before deciding.

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We try to encourage our customers to collect their vehicles as early as possible.
Most customers collect and return their vehicle between 8am - 10am.

Generally the standard 'daily hire' runs from 8am until 8am the following day, this is so we can plan when our vans are available for the next customer. So, although you can collect your van at a later time, you're paying it for it from 8am regardless of when you pick it up.

However we always try to be as flexible as we can, if you do need a van later in the day - give us a call and we'll do our best to help.

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