Crew cab vans for hire

What is a Crew Cab van?

A six seater vehicle ideal for carrying people and cargo!
Crew cabs, sometimes called double-cabs or passenger vans, are perfect if you need to move people and things! Crew cans are usually used by contractors to transport their workforce to site, but also carry some tools and materials. Crew cabs are also becoming popular with familes and groups who wish to transport their children/friends along with a larger amount of luggage than a standard people carrier can cope with.

How many people does a Crew Cab carry?

Our Crew cabs have room for up to 6 people, 3 seats in the front and 3 seats in the back. As this is also a van, it still has plenty of space for each persons kit, tools and materials for the job in question - or just a lot of luggage!

crew cab vans for hire

Where can I hire Crew Cab van?

From us of course! VansGB has Crew Cab vans as part of our ever growing hire fleet. We also use the latest models so you can be sure of their reliability. Crew cabs can be hired for daily or long term hire.

VansGB keep our Crew Cab vans on-site - so we don't need to wait for them to arrive from another branch, they are here ready for immediate hire!

We have Crew Cabs available for hire in Bath now, complete the form to get a quote and book! If you need more information, have a question or just want an immediate booking give us a call.

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